…2007 Honda Element ‘EX’ Tangerine Orange Auto AWD 162k..SOLD

SOLD to Sophie / WI. ///Mike just purchased in NC and drove back to Madison, WI. /……….Safety inspection and servicing now complete / see Mike for list of service / reconditioning performedDSC00049-001 DSC00051-001DSC00056-001DSC00050-001  DSC00052-001 DSC00053-001 DSC00054-001 DSC00055-001  DSC00057-001 DSC00058-001 DSC00059-001 DSC00060.  For more information, please contact Mike direct at C# 608-212-7157. Thank you for your consideration.

Price includes: 6 month 6000 mile BUMPER to BUMPER warranty or 12 month 12,000 mile power train warranty (your choice).



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